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Uttara Phalguni

Uttara phalguni Nakshatra is the 12th of the 27 Nakshatras. The ruling planet is the Sun and the presiding deity is Aryaman – governs leadership and nobility. It ranges from the zodiac of Virgo to Leo. Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra shares some common attributes with Purva Phalguni Nakhshatra. Meanwhile, natives born under the influence of this star have the desire to seek truth and knowledge. They are generous and kind and are driven by knowledge. Also, they are sincere, large-hearted and believe in uplifting and doing something for the greater good of the society. Moreover, they have immense respect for their elders and obey the commands of their elders. 

The most charming thing about the Individuals is their honesty. It is rare to find people who are truthful by nature and in their work. Again, they are driven by work and passion. 


These individuals also are rational and logical while making decisions. So, if you want some honest and concrete suggestion, you should turn to these people.


1)     1st Pada (quarter):- Ruled by Jupiter.

2)     2nd Pada (quarter):- Ruled by Saturn.

3)     3rs Pada (quarter):- Ruled by Saturn.

4)     4th Pada (quarter):- Ruled by Jupiter

Characteristics of Male:-

The male native leads a life full of happiness and joy. He is not only lucky but also hard-working and sincere in his profession. He maintains a strict discipline, including cleanliness and neatness. You will never find clutter on his table. This native is religious as well as inclined towards doing some social work for the uplift of society. His heart is pure, but may sometimes become fiery. Also, he suffers from a lack of patience and tolerance issue. He tends to regret later the things he may have said or done under a fit of hot temper.

 Professional and related areas: 

The male native is implied as a self-dependent worker, so he rarely takes any help from anyone in his career. But then, he also acts with a great deal of responsibility that rarely goes wrong. Such people never cheat anyone and detests it when someone tries to cheat them. They earn well from their jobs. He is stubborn, and it is very difficult to change the decision once they have made it.

 Compatibility and Family Life: 

As per the compatibility and family report, the male native of the will be smooth. He will be very happy with his family, and his wife will prove to be a good housewife. 

 Health and Well-Being 

Regarding the health, it will be favourable but with minor hiccups. A few of the common issues like body pain, dental problems, indigestion, and liver issues might occur but for a temporary period. It would be necessary to follow good hygiene and dietary habits.


Characteristics of Females:-

The female native has been observed to be very cool and calm, even in extremely challenging circumstances. They are very simplistic and happy-go-lucky of nature. Such natives have no enmities towards anyone. And if some become their enemy, they carry a big heart to forgive and forget that. 


Profession and Related Areas

The female native has a great talent for number crunching and maths in general. They will prove to be an extremely efficient maths teacher, but will also be well-equipped for an administrative job. There is a possibility that some of these native females may earn good money through modelling or acting.


Compatibility and Family Life 

The female native derives great happiness from their spouse and children. She manages the household work with great efficiency. Her husband will be fairly rich. If she does not avoid showing off, others are likely to become jealous and may do something to harm her.


Health and Well-Being 

The health of the female native by large will be good.  Except, she occasionally suffers from mild asthma, menstrual problems, and migraine.




·         Ambitious

·         productive

·         industrious

·         popular

·         benefits from authority figures

·         effective communicator

·         dependable

·         sociable

·         focused

·         loves luxury and comfort

·         able to enjoy life

·         sharp concentration

·         liberal but fixed views

·         prosperous

·         socially adept

·         friendly

·         courageous

·         endurance

·          spiritual advancement.



·         Restless

·         inconsiderate

·         egotistical

·         obstinate

·         self-absorbed

·         stubborn

·         aloof

·         arrogant

·         fussy

·         bossy

·         critical

·         puts on a happy smile to cover up anger or sadness

·         lacks confidence

·         vain

·         immoral

·         ungrateful

·         resentful

·         overly concerned with status, gives too much.



·         Entertainer

·         musician

·         artist

·         manager

·         leader

·         public figure

·         sports superstar

·         head of organization

·         teacher

·         philanthropist

·         marriage counselor

·         sex therapist

·         position with the United Nation

·         diplomat

·         founder

·         banker

·         creditor

·         social work

·         all commanding positions


Favourable Activities:-

·         Marriage

·         sexual activity

·         beginning activities

·         founding an organization

·         dealing with authority figures

·         administrative work, buying a home

·         inaugurations

·         performing ceremonies

·         giving to charity

·         diplomacy

·         wearing new garments or jewelry.


Unfavourable Activities:-

activities requiring harsh behavior

·         confrontation

·         retribution

·         combat

·         lending money.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Bichchoo Jadi/Booti

                                                            Bichchoo Jadi/Booti

Bichchoo Jadi/Booti, also known as Nettle Leaf Plant Root is associated with the Planet Saturn (Shani). This Planet signifies hard work, labour, sorrow, struggle, career, job, underground, hope, justice, deep thinking, honesty, etc. These being the positive effects, let's take a look at the negative effects of Saturn(shani), they are irritation, problems in career or job, lack of hope, mental stress, rheumatism, acidity, legs and teeth related problems, issues with servants and associates, etc. So, Bichchoo Jadi/Booti is used to decrease the negative effects while simultaneously increasing the positive effects of Saturn.

This jadi/booti give same (more) results which person get after wearing Blue Sapphire/Neelam stone.

Wear abhimantrit jadi/booti to get maximum benefit.

यदि आप की नौकरी में समस्याएं आ रही हैं या फिर आप जोड़ों के दर्द की समस्या से पीड़ित हैं तो इसका कारण आपकी कुंडली में शनि ग्रह का कमजोर होना है। यदि आप शनि ग्रह से संबंधित अनुकूल परिणाम प्राप्त करना चाहते हैं तो शुभ मुहूर्त में बिच्छू मूल धारण करने से आपका शनि ग्रह मजबूत होगा और साथ ही साथ आपको जोड़ों में दर्द, टांगों एवं दांतो से संबंधित बीमारियों तथा एसिडिटी और वात रोगों से मुक्ति मिलेगी।

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Monday, April 5, 2021

Purva Phaluguni

Purva Phaluguni nakshatra is the 11th of  27 nakshatra according to the Hindu astrology. It is symbolized by a swimming hammock. This star in one hand symbolizes joy and creation and on the other hand may also symbolize lack of desires and insipidity. This is a powerful nakshatra and is also known as Bhagadavaita. The wonderful feelings and perceptions like love , sensual pleasure, prosperity and enjoyment are influenced positively by this nakshatra.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Padas (Quarters):

First Pada (Quarter 1):- Ruled by Sun.

Second Pada (Quarter 2):- Ruled by Mercury.

Third Pada (Quarter 3):- Ruled by Venus.

Fourth Pada (Quarter 4):- Ruled by Mars.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Male Characteristics

Loves his freedom, Gain fame in whichever field they choose to pursue, Prone to feel Mentally disturbed, Possesses Intuitive powers and uses them for only positive purposes, Helpful, Loves to Travel, Soft-spoken.

Professional Life: Doesn’t like to obey his superiors, Professional progress slows down because he doesn't like obeying his superiors, An Honest worker, Hidden Enemies who may prove to be an obstacle in his life, Clever, Change many jobs till the age of 45, After 45 he will be satisfied with his position, Should avoid lending money.

Compatibility: Will be happy, Have a loving wife and children, Lead a very happy personal life, Native fails to marry the girl of his choice, Lead a life away from his family.

Health: Prone to Dental Diseases, Stomach Problems, and Diabetes.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Polite, Friendly, Innocent and Very Intelligent in the field of Arts, Indulge in Charity actions, Conscious about performing only good deeds, a bit show-off which detracts her, Universally loveable.

Professional Life:  Interested in Scientific learning, Goes for advanced studies, Interested in being a Teacher, Satisfied with her Financial position and earnings.

Compatibility: Perfect Husband and loving Children, Perfect homemaker, Can do anything for the happiness of her family, Helpful to the people who have helped her in her difficult times.

Health: Minor irritants such as Menstrual troubles, Breathing or asthma problems which may not affect them daily


·         Creative

·         intelligent dynamic

·         charismatic

·         charming

·         genuine

·         qualities of leadership

·         carefree

·         open minded

·         sweet speech

·         active

·         demands attention and recognition

·         mystical

·         aristocratic

·         refined

·         talented in the fine arts

·         youthful

·         energetic

·         excited

·         good in relationships

·         loyal

·         great spokesperson

·         sophisticated

·         physical healing.


·         Impulsive mind

·         petuous

·         indulgent

·         selfish

·         reckless

·         addictive

·         indictive

·         motivated

·         moral

·         lack of planning

·         requires too much stimulation.


·         Executive

·         diplomat

·         government official

·         entertainer

·         make-up artist

·         model

·         photographer

·         illustrator

·         art museum or gallery

·         musician

·         teacher

·         gemstone

·         physical fitness trainer

·         interior decorator

·         work with women’s products

·         manufacture toiletries

·         profession dealing with marriage

·         nanny

·         sex-therapist

·         sleep therapist

·         biologist

·         tourism

·         cotton and silk industry.

 Favourable Activites:-

·         Marriage

·         romance

·         sex

·         resolving old disputes

·         confronting adversaries

·         rest

·         relaxation

·         pleasure

·         artistic activities

·         singing

·         buying property

·         using persuasion and charisma to get what you want

·         sensuality

·         amusement

·         good for dealing with people in power.

Unfavourable Activities:-

·         Beginning new projects or activities

·         practicing humility

·         intellectual activities

·         healing

·          recovering from an illness.

Uttara Phalguni

Uttara phalguni Nakshatra is the 12 th of the 27 Nakshatras. The ruling planet is the Sun and the presiding deity is Aryaman – governs lead...